• Employer concerns about hiring Veterans

  • I have never hired a Veteran with or without a disability. I’m not sure what to do or how to do it.

    Every situation is unique, and we can help you in the process of hiring a Veteran with a disability. Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Services (CVVRS) professionals will provide you with a variety of useful services and resources at no cost. We will assist in assessing your needs, and provide pre-screened, job-ready applicants, which can save you time and money during the recruitment process. For more information on how to get started, call us at 1-800-933-1383.

  • What will be the impact on my customers if I hire Veterans with disabilities?

    In our experience, employers who have hired Veterans have received positive feedback from their potential customers for having an inclusive workforce.

  • Do I need to make special arrangements in my workplace to ensure the safety of a Veteran with a disability?

    Possibly, depending on the nature of the situation and the work. This could include adjustments to work environments or modifying equipment. CVVRS can help with this process.

  • Do Veterans with disabilities require extra supervision?

    The level of supervision will depend on the person and the work. Keep in mind, however, that the military trains its people to lead by example as well as through collaboration, direction, delegation, motivation and inspiration. Veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one’s colleagues. Military duties involve a blend of individual and group productivity.

  • What kind of support is available to me or my company once we hire a Veteran?

    When you hire a Veteran through Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Services on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada, CVVRS staff will work with you and your new employee to build a successful employer-employee relationship through helping to set up a training schedule, disability supports if required and regular follow-up if requested. We will keep in touch with the employed Veterans throughout the follow-up phase of the program to help identify and address any issues that may arise in their new job. If required, we provide on-the-job support to ensure your new job hire is a valuable addition to your team.

  • I am concerned about the cost. Is it more expensive to hire a Veteran with a disability?

    Hiring Veterans with disabilities may help lower compensation, recruitment and training costs for an employer. Studies by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and firms such as DuPont show that employees with disabilities are not absent any more than employees without disabilities. In fact, these studies show that on the average, individuals with disabilities have better attendance rates than their non-disabled counterparts. In addition, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago had the following findings in its study of people with a disability in the workplace:

    • Accident rates were lower among the people with a disability than among other employees;
    • Job performance was the same as or better than other workers;
    • Insurance costs did not go up;
    • Turnover was exceptionally low;
    • Absenteeism was lower than the average; and
    • There was a minimum of accommodations that had to be made.
    Many Veterans already have advanced training in a variety of highly skilled technical trades, which may make them very cost-effective employees for you.