Each year thousands of Canadian Armed Forces members leave the military. Recognized around the globe for their skills, abilities and expertise, Canada’s service men and women can be an important asset for any organization.

Many of the skills developed during their service include:

  • communication skills—critical in conveying information clearly, effectively and persuasively;
  • leadership skills—to inspire, influence, motivate, assess situations, make decisions, determine goals and achieve results through resourcefulness, creativity and teamwork;
  • analytical skills—to evaluate data, research, compile and interpret information, apply logic, handle numbers and determine patterns;
  • organizational skills—including time management and the ability to prioritize, disseminate and record data, generate accurate reports, manage resources, multi-task, administer, direct and coordinate;
  • technical skills—including the application of practical know-how and hands-on proficiency;
  • personal skills—including strength of character, ability to work well under pressure, self-discipline, responsible, strategic, structured, mission-oriented and resourceful.

As an employer, you have an opportunity to capture this talent for your organization and help a Veteran make a successful transition to civilian life.